Wednesday, 22 June 2016

collage inspired (and dodging bees and feeding birds)

Hi hope you've had a good day.
I'm late again as been trying to do some gardening in between rain showers - but it turned out better weather than I thought and got quite a bit done.
There were a lot more bees about than normal, which is great since they are in decline here -  but they didn't want me in certain areas and I had to keep dodging them, so being a coward and not wishing to be stung I buzzed off elsewhere.

Over at  MooMania   the challenge is using Valerie's wonderful photo collage for inspiration

I was attracted to the lovely rose and swan so went with that idea.
I have tried to use the colours in Valeries collage on my digital piece  to work with my Rose photo and a nice quote I found.

As well as gardening the birds keep me busy
'Himself' sunbathing
I think our resident Blackbird is one of two males that we gave a name to last year - either 'Cedric' or 'Parker' but I haven't sorted out any photos to see if I can work it out.... for now he just is being called 'himself'.
He hasn't got any children this year but is constantly battling to keep out intruders who really need the food more than he does as they have mouths to feed.
Even the intruders have become cheeky and come looking for food - one of them we called Scruffy' as he is a bit tatty and has a bit of a bald bit by his eye. 'Scruffy' has even sat  on the window ledge with his nose (I mean beak) pressed against the window trying to attract our attention. I try and throw him some food but 'himself' always seems to be lurking and then tries to chase him off.

 A little treat has just arrived of some 'Amsterdam' acrylics to play with... Dave got some 'Cobra' water soluble oil paints and since he has stored them in 'my craft room' I am assuming they must be for me too!
(especially as he has not done any painting for months. I will have to try them out and make sure they work properly for him).
that's my lot for now
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Gill x

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Maps & Collage inspiration

Hi all 
Firstly a big thank you for the lovely messages and comments on my last post re my hands - THANK YOU X
Today I have two digital pieces  ( as a bit easier on hands to create) - one for AJJ (Art Journal Journey) and the other for Moo Mania challenge.
So...first piece I'm linking to challenge at AJJ where the theme is 'Maps'
I used digital papers and elements etc from following kits: 'Chart your course' by Snickerdoodles Designs and 'Travel around the world 2' by Manu + some pieces I made myself such as plane, car, postage marks and postage stamp.

And over at Moo Mania  the lovely inspirational photo collage below by  Valerie   was the basis for a challenge

Beautiful inspiration with thanks to Valerie
I went searching through my files as I knew I had just the right photos and created this digital piece with the addition of some pieces from G&T Designs digikit 'An artists memory'.
Further down below you'll see what it started as and of course I had to change things.
I played around changing the colours of the pansies and blended two faces over the statues face and digitally cut out the bird to make him sit on top of the hat.


my first piece before alterations
We have another grey day here on the Essex coast which probably means it's going to rain again. Sun appeared briefly but has gone again now.
Looks like a good day to be inside and do some art and crafts - in between feeding the birds.
But feeding the birds is a good way to get fit - they come and sit looking in my window, waiting for some special treats. Some must have families as they collect a big mouthful to fly off with.
It's funny and awkward sometime though when you two rival male Blackbirds appear at once and I have to try and keep them apart and throw them food in different directions otherwise they have a good punch up.

Have a lovely weekend
Thanks so much for stopping by
and for your comments
Gill xx

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Maps for AJJ

It's been a while since I last posted and I almost couldn't remember how to post etc.
My hands/carpal tunnel problem still not perfect but miles better than it was and I'm eager now to get back into some arty/crafty things.

So I'm starting today with a digital piece which I'm linking to  AJJ june challenge: theme 'Maps'

Page made with some bits from a Steampunk kit by Daisytrail but mainly used ' Chart your course' kit by Snickerdoodles Designs.

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Hope you have a great day
Gill x

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Music for MooMania

Better late than never ha ha :) - It must be the shock of the unusual sunshine and lovely warm sunny day we are having today in the UK as I nearly forgot to post this digital piece and only just about in time to join in with the MooMania music theme.
Kit used 'The Call' by Artists alliance trio.

Hope your day has been lovely and sunny too
Thanks as always for
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Gill x

Sunday, 17 April 2016


Happy Sunday to you .... hope you are having a lovely weekend wherever you may be :)

Today I'm linking to AJJ where the theme is   "For The Record" - Inspired By A Song
and is hosted this month by the lovely  Linda from heARTfully Inspired

My inspiration for this digital artwork is the catchy song 'Angels' by Robbie Williams
(I'm now listening to Eric Clapton at present for a change of tune in my head - why is it some songs seem to stay in my head for days on end - argh! )

thanks for commenting
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Have a great week
Gill x

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

'Purple Rain'

Hello sorry I've not been around for several weeks but this was due to a dodgy hand/arm (carpal tunnel).
So for now looks like I'm having to make do with using/typing with left hand mainly and just making digital creations.

I am linking my digital piece to
AJJ who have a great theme this month "For The Record" - Inspired By A Song    and this is inspired by a Prince song 'Purple Rain'

Thanks so much for comments
 & stopping by
Gill xx

Monday, 8 February 2016

I love Music... and some digital art info

Hello... its a horrible windy  stormy day here in UK ... apparently storm Imogen is here, I do wish she would go away soon as I chickened out of going into town Craft shopping today and stayed in.
I had a nice day listening to all sorts of music (to drown out the noise of the wind rattling everything) while making this piece for AJJ challenge where the lovely theme this month is 'If music be the food of love' .........

A digital piece of art....I used some clipart/tubes of the woman and background tree scene plus a photo of my guitar and another music sheet I created.
The frame looking thing with the lights around it is a photo of my long bedroom mirror which has fairy lights around it.
I extracted the centre of the photo, taking out the mirror and leaving the rest as a frame.

I blended the music on the background scene and altered the transparency on my words to blend them slightly.

Also today, as promised, I have some digital information to share
which I've added to a separate page.
First piece with some examples is on blending .

  As always..
Thanks so much for stopping by
I do appreciate it :)
Gill x