Sunday, 24 July 2016

In my garden there is Magic.... for AJJ

I've been really enjoying the 'In my Garden there is...' theme hosted by the lovely Yvonne over at AJJ this month.
I was browsing through my clipart collection and found the larger and smaller fairy images and wondered if Fairies have their own little gardens with even smaller Fairies in who have their own little gardens.... ?


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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bees just wanna have fun & 3 more quick doodle faces.

The theme at TIOT  is  'Make us smile' ... this is the first time I have joined in at TIOT so here is my attempt, hope its ok :)
It's a  digital piece - and although I had to digitaly dissect a few Bees to do this - (to make the Bee appear to be playing guitar) I promise that no Bees were harmed in the process of doing this.

Bees digitally drawn, additional elements form Serif digikits and MCS cd. Words thanks to Cyndi Lauper.

Also something for  Kim Dellow 'show your face' quick draw - another 3 quickies using the egg timer - I think they may be even worse than last time - my excuse? well it must be the current heat wave in UK frazzling my brain :)
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

In my garden there is...... for AJJ

Another sunny and hot day in UK (well in my part) - making the most of it as the last few days may have been our summer for this year.
and in my garden there still is a noticeable lack of bees and insects again.. unless maybe they have found somewhere else to go and have more fun.... I do hope they come back :)
A digital piece and other than the 2 tiny realistic bees, the rest I made myself using Serif Craft Artist and Serif Draw Plus software.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

quick draw and something for AJJ

Hows things with you? We are having a mini heat-wave here and supposedly today is going to be the hottest day of year so far. So I am going to find a shady spot and spend the afternoon where it hopefully will be cooler than being indoors.
But before I go.. I'm linking a couple of pieces...
At Kim Dellows 'Show your face' the optional theme for August is a  quick draw .... so I used my egg timer for a 3 minute draw with a black pigment pen. 


And at AJJ this month I have been having fun with Yvonnes  'In my garden there is....' theme. 
A digital piece incorporating a photo from a couple years ago of some veg we grew..  there's nothing like the taste of freshly picked  home-grown vegetables.
This was what our weather station readings were on Saturday - the girl changes clothes depending on the weather. She had her bikini on - but today, right now its warmer at 33.7c so I wonder why she is  wearing shorts and a short sleeve top - perhaps she got sun burnt on Saturday.
  Wherever you are
I hope your day goes well.
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Thursday, 7 July 2016

A right 'to do' for AJJ

Hello to you :)

Yvonne is hosting the lovely challenge over at AJJ this month and the theme is 'In my garden there is'.
I am not a good gardener but I do try usually to have a garden that is good for nature.. Sadly, at present 'in my garden there is' a need for re-planning and re-planting.  Trees have died and fencing replaced hedges leaving the once green garden very bare. Hopefully the end result will encourage more birds, butterflies and insects.

So my 'to list' (some of it!) is my take on the challenge with this digital piece.

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

In my garden there is

Hi - hope you've had a great weekend - they go quick don't they!
I've been sorting out my new Windows 10 pc so I haven't got that much done for a few days...  a big sigh of relief that all now is ok :)
so to relax, I made a digital piece which I'm linking to AJJ   where Yvonne aka Meggymay  is the wonderful host this month  and  the theme is something I really love .... 'In my garden there is'

My garden isn't particularly big but it always has a lot going on with birds and hedgehogs visiting and we try and have some plants to encourage the butterflies and bees etc.
It seems to have done nothing but rain lately so I'm really hoping it will be more summer-like soon.

I could spend all day watching the antics that go on,
but... why on earth choose a tiny ledge to balance on to sunbathe
All the Robins we have had visit over the years we have called 'Dobbie'.
They are such lovely friendly birds.
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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

collage inspired (and dodging bees and feeding birds)

Hi hope you've had a good day.
I'm late again as been trying to do some gardening in between rain showers - but it turned out better weather than I thought and got quite a bit done.
There were a lot more bees about than normal, which is great since they are in decline here -  but they didn't want me in certain areas and I had to keep dodging them, so being a coward and not wishing to be stung I buzzed off elsewhere.

Over at  MooMania   the challenge is using Valerie's wonderful photo collage for inspiration

I was attracted to the lovely rose and swan so went with that idea.
I have tried to use the colours in Valeries collage on my digital piece  to work with my Rose photo and a nice quote I found.

As well as gardening the birds keep me busy
'Himself' sunbathing
I think our resident Blackbird is one of two males that we gave a name to last year - either 'Cedric' or 'Parker' but I haven't sorted out any photos to see if I can work it out.... for now he just is being called 'himself'.
He hasn't got any children this year but is constantly battling to keep out intruders who really need the food more than he does as they have mouths to feed.
Even the intruders have become cheeky and come looking for food - one of them we called Scruffy' as he is a bit tatty and has a bit of a bald bit by his eye. 'Scruffy' has even sat  on the window ledge with his nose (I mean beak) pressed against the window trying to attract our attention. I try and throw him some food but 'himself' always seems to be lurking and then tries to chase him off.

 A little treat has just arrived of some 'Amsterdam' acrylics to play with... Dave got some 'Cobra' water soluble oil paints and since he has stored them in 'my craft room' I am assuming they must be for me too!
(especially as he has not done any painting for months. I will have to try them out and make sure they work properly for him).
that's my lot for now
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