Monday, 8 February 2016

I love Music... and some digital art info

Hello... its a horrible windy  stormy day here in UK ... apparently storm Imogen is here, I do wish she would go away soon as I chickened out of going into town Craft shopping today and stayed in.
I had a nice day listening to all sorts of music (to drown out the noise of the wind rattling everything) while making this piece for AJJ challenge where the lovely theme this month is 'If music be the food of love' .........

A digital piece of art....I used some clipart/tubes of the woman and background tree scene plus a photo of my guitar and another music sheet I created.
The frame looking thing with the lights around it is a photo of my long bedroom mirror which has fairy lights around it.
I extracted the centre of the photo, taking out the mirror and leaving the rest as a frame.

I blended the music on the background scene and altered the transparency on my words to blend them slightly.

Also today, as promised, I have some digital information to share
which I've added to a separate page.
First piece with some examples is on blending .

  As always..
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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Music - the food of love

Happy Saturday to you...
Here's another digital piece for the lovely Art Journal Journey monthly challenge where the theme that Hazel from Hazels creative moments  is hosting this time is 'If music be the food of love'

I've used some tubes/clipart and the keyboard is one of mine.
I love to take photos (often weird and whacky) to use either to blend over digital papers and images or to make into my own papers.
This time I made the background using papers I made some time back using photos of paper serviettes and the foil inside of a coffee bag, blended over some sheet music (not real, just something I scribbled on to a blank music sheet)
I also used a photo of Christmas tree lights which were like a bokeh effect.

A couple of people have asked about digital stuff so I aim to set up a page in the near future with some (hopefully) useful information for any one interested.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

If Music be the food of love...

Hi there....
 The theme over at AJJ this month is 'If music be the food of love'  I'm linking this piece up to AJJ as it's a theme right up my street.
I can't really read music but can play by ear - yeah I know its probably better to use hands instead of ears :) 
When I'm not crafting or doing other stuff I sometimes like to play keyboards (and dust my guitars!)

This is a digital piece and was made using tubes and clip art. The sheet music I made up and wrote on a blank sheet, then scanned it. The bumpy bit at top and left is a photo of the clean metal side of a cut up/flattened tomato puree tube and digitally blended over the piece.  (It was an interesting texture and seemed to work well digitally. BTW if you are interested in digital stuff, a blended photo of cooking foil gives some really great effects too)
Fonts used are : Hurrah Dreidle BTN and Bambusa Pro Regular.
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Gill x

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Famous people: Elizabeth l


Brrr what a cold night here in UK, went down to -4.3c (Essex coast).
It's warmer now that sun trying to peep through cloud but still very cold - a good excuse to stay in warm and do something arty for a change instead of digital- huh who needs an excuse eh?  :)

Linking up today to  Moo Mania and more  for their fun 'Famous people' challenge. I was struggling with this as I know I couldn't draw anything to look like a real famous person but then stumbled upon some images on cd :)

This digital piece made using an image of Elizabeth l from cd, added a quote supposedly by her and used some pieces from a digital kit called 'Dreams and Goals' by Dawn Inskip    blended a paper from kit over image to get a grungy effect.

I'm off now to play with my new Rembrandt soft pastels that I got in November - have been dying to try them out.
Have a great day and hope you can get some time for some arty fun too.
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Saturday, 16 January 2016


Apparently it snowed where I live yesterday for about a minute and I missed it. The weather people keep saying the snow is coming.. well is it or isn't it?  I like old fashion weather when you knew for sure what season it was... its a funny old world!
There's a fab challenge which I am linking up to over at Moo Mania about famous people. I needed to have a good think about what I had to be able to to join in... I found an image of Napoléon on a Genealogy disc which had some clip art on and this was my starting point of this digital piece.
Over the top, I digitally blended my photo of a candle in a glass globe candle holder (no idea what its really called, it has that little chimney shaped thing on top).
I also added some forget-me-nots and bees which I'd had already extracted from some of my photos and then a quote he had supposedly said.
Then, as usual, I played some more and blended a piece of paper that I'd made sometime back over the top resulting in some extra texture.

I couldn't decide once again which I preferred so here's both of them anyway!

So for lots more famous people check out MooMania

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Snowflakes in Wonderland

Hello.... hope all OK with you..
Sorry I've not been around lately as I've been trying to fight off a chesty/ear virus thing.
Well its a cold and grey day here in the UK and further north of me I think they've had some snow too - definitely sounds like a day in to have some arty play time.
I'm linking today to the Winter Wonderland challenge over at AJJ which the lovely Chrissie  from Jumbled Crafts is hosting this month.

My piece is an all digital piece made from clip art and tubes and a couple of added snowflakes from some digital kits.

Then I decided to change it to look more of a night scene and
I couldn't decide which I liked most, so here's 2 for price of one.
I love the never ending possibilities with digital art.
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Gill x

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Winter Wonderland

Hello there......I can't believe its the 3rd of January already and Christmas seems ages ago.
 Its a miserable rainy grey day here on the East Coast UK and if it could snow everywhere except on the roads and pavements, I'd rather that than the rain.
And I've been thinking about snow as the lovely Chrissie from Jumbled Crafts is hosting on AJJ new theme Winter Wonderland this month
Using various images/clip art, I made this digital piece which I am linking to Art Journal Journey for the challenge.

I wanted to add another image to this piece but instead I made another digital page with the first and reduced the size and over laid a photo of a Brusho background I created. I digitally blended it over the top with 'colour burn blend' and added another layer of snow and then for fun a photo of two snow people I made. ( I won't tell you how old I was when I made them ha ha )

The words say :   Mrs Jack Frost waves her magical icy wand and all at once there is a  wonderful Winter Wonderland...

Thanks so much for stopping by..
I do appreciate it
Gill x