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My poor old die-cutting machine use to drive me mad as it was always
slipping about on the table,  as the suction pad would release itself
with the constant turning of the handle.
Then my husband thought of this idea.
 There are various anti-slip mats available which are often used in
the kitchen under chopping boards, on trays etc.
 I have found these really do stop my machine moving around.
They are also good for putting under cutting mats.

Making things is fun

There's nothing more satisfying and fun, than making a page using
papers and elements which are all home made.
Designed using Craft Artist software
 (any extractions from photographs also done using same programme.)
Image is one of my 4 x great grandfathers.
Leaves are made from photo and the colour adjusted.
The flowers are made from from paper and photographed, the centres are made from a photograph of a hairslide and the elements multiplied and arranged a bit like a snowflake.
 Butterflies were drawn quite simple then added colour and effects afterwards.
Found it easier to draw half a butterfly then copy and paste that, then flip it and add it all together.


  1. Wow! I am super impressed by your digital page and how you used photographs to create elements. This is the sort of thing I would love to do but so far have not created the time.
    I love the photo of you 4 x grandfather - how lucky of you to be able to trace your family so far back and to have a record.

  2. Thanks for the tip. My Cuttlebug is slipping around and no longer gripping and driving me nuts! I know I have some of these and am going to give this a try. TFS.


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